For the past eleven years, my work has dealt with the nature of appearances and issues involving how we perceive, interpret, and act upon information. I am interested in investigating and presenting these experiences in an abstract way that explores the realm of visual metaphor.

In my ongoing series of work entitled "Voices," I am exploring content processes suggesting we all simultaneously exist within layers of both manufactured and naturally evolving simulated realities where things occur by chance and by choice. In the process of creating my work, events occur that are both random and deliberate. Image builds upon image. One layer often veils the next, and embedded in layers of paint or charcoal are traces of images that once initiated tje next stage of thought. Many of the seemingly impenetrable surfaces in the paintings on canvas are full of visual contradictions where things that are obscure interact with things that are crystal clear.

This way of thinking and working led to my interest in placing my images into a format that deals with sequences in time and space. A result of that desire is the visual book, "The Devil at the Door." Like all of the work in the "Voices" series, the subject matter of the book involves allegorical exploration of human interactions and the often complex, enigmatic potentials of science.

-Carla Poindexter